Hen House Designs – Designing an Easy to Clean Hen House

If you are thinking of designing your own house, here are some tips you might want to consider:

1) Shower stalls should be made wider than in years past. This is because more people are heavier than they used to be.

2) Radiant heat is healthier than the normal forced air heat that is in all new homes today. Radiant heat will increase the value of your home and it is best installed when the house is built.

3) Make sure you put the laundry room on the same floor as all the bedrooms. Many houses have the laundry room on the main floor and the bedrooms upstairs. Who wants to have to carry all the laundry up and down the stairs every time?

4) If you must have the laundry room downstairs and the bedrooms up top, you might consider installing a laundry chute.

5) This is your chance to have all the built in speakers installed exactly where you want them. You might also think about soundproofing some rooms or the whole house.

6) Do you like wine and want a wine cellar? This is your chance to have one built just like you want it.

7) A large entry way is always  บริษัทรับสร้างบ้าน nice and sets the whole tone for your new house. Make sure you make your entry way large enough to have a nice coat closet and room to greet visitors.

8) Designing your own house gives you the chance to put in higher ceilings. Rooms look and feel larger with higher ceilings and this should always be done if possible.

9) Many new homes now have garages that are not wide enough for SUV’s. By designing your own house, you can make sure this does not happen. Also make sure your driveway is wide enough to accommodate any vehicles you might have.

10) If you plan in advance where you will want all your furniture and electrical gadgets to go, you will then be able to insure the right quantity and placement of all electrical outlets. Many times when you move into a new house, you will find the light switches and outlets are not in the places you would like them

11) Make sure you install new CAT5 wiring throughout your house for your computers. All new homes should come with the latest technology or you may have to lower your price when you go to sell the house.



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