Refrigeration and HVAC Certification Requires Little Time, Nets Great Opportunities

Refrigerators, like other appliances at home, need proper care and maintenance. Storing your food in the fridge can keep it tasty and nutritious. This also helps preserve the quality and life of your supplies. Once you leave the door and seals open, air can seep through and spoil the food faster. You do not want to throw away fresh food and leftovers so inspect the fridge regularly.

You may encounter problems when you keep the fridge in poor condition. Failing to resolve these issues can reflect on your garbage bins and electric bills. Here are some tips on caring for your refrigerator to help you save food and energy.

Check the fridge seals

Fridge seals are not just ordinary rubbers. These keep the doors closed tight, preventing air from going in and out of the storage. Your refrigerator can also maintain the temperature inside. It is likely to work harder and consume more energy when the gaskets are broken.

Do simple tests to find out if there are hidden cracks in your seals. Close the door and let your hands feel the lids. Once you sense cold air in your palms, it may be time to contact a fridge seals repair company. Their specialists can fix or replace the gaskets and framework when necessary.

Look at the compressor

Compressor fans are prone to overheating when the fridge works too hard. You may notice this easily with the unusual noises inside the refrigerator. If the compressor clicks on or off on its own, check if it needs cleaning or professional services. There is also something wrong with the unit if the refrigerator gives off uneven temperature.

Keep the fridge closed as possible

Refrigerators consume more energy if you open and close them regularly. Prevent higher electric bills by saving more and reducing the times you open the fridge. If you drink water often, provide a pitcher with ice so you do not have to get inside. Limit the food you store in the fridge and choose only the perishable goods.

Do not put hot food

The thermostat in the fridge does an extra task when it has to cool down hot food. Once the warm air circulates inside, the system works and balances out the temperature. This also leads to higher energy consumption. It is advisable to wait for the food to cool down refrigerator repair glendale  before storing them in the refrigerator.

Replace old fridge

Your old refrigerator may have its sentimental value, but it may be time to let it rest. Outdated models are likely to consume three times more energy. Replace your antique fridge and look for energy efficient units. The latest versions have better thermostat, compressor, and structure. These units also keep up with style and home trends.

It is also important to pay attention to thermostat settings. Changing it often may force the compressor to work harder and adjust to different temperature.

You may want to think twice before you make your purchase. Reefer vans will end up costing you more, not only to buy, but also to operate and repair. One alternative to vans that many people are finding more effective and less costly are portable cooler trailers.

The initial purchase price of an insulated van is much more than that of a refrigerated trailer.
For example, vans can cost anywhere from around $38,000 to $70,000 brand new. Many businesses do not need vehicles as big as large reefer trailers, and as such, are happy to pay considerably less for a cooler trailer, which is amply sized for their business and which in many respects outperforms the larger trailers or vans. In fact, a refrigerated trailer cost 90 percent less than reefer vans, which is an incredible initial savings.

The savings do not stop there, however. Trailers will also cost you much less to insure than a van and since they are simply towed by your own vehicle, they cost virtually nothing at all to run. In fact, the only fuel they use is that which is used for cooling if a generator is being used to power the refrigeration unit during transportation. While standing, the unit can be plugged into a standard 110 volt system.

These small reefer trailers can also be detached from the main vehicle and left standing on site while the vehicle that towed the trailer is free to use for other business that comes up throughout the day. This is very helpful for businesses with only one or two vehicles, as they will not need to tie up any one vehicle for an entire day simply because the refrigeration unit is needed at another location. They are great for people in the catering, florist, restaurant or wedding industries, or for any small business owner who frequently needs to provide refrigeration for the transport of food or other items on a regular basis.

Perhaps best of all, is the use of standard refrigeration on the portable refrigerated trailer which allows any refrigeration mechanic in town to work on equipment. The key is to modify the standard refrigeration system for transportation use. Built to run off a generator or 115 volt electricity, makes them extremely cheap and easy to repair, whereas vans need specialized maintenance. There will be no more costly repairs needing to be done by a refrigeration expert in the unlikely event that anything does break down in the unit.

From base cost, insurance cost and maintenance expense alone, the refrigerated trailer will easily save you over 90% on refrigerated vans and put the profits back in your pocket where they belong.




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