Review of Online Advertisements – Banners and Traffic Exchange (Part 1 of 2)

How well do traffic exchange banners do in the free marketing. 토토사이트

Traffic exchange banners work no matter where they are placed as long as you have them in the right high traffic exchange sites. When you choose a traffic exchange make sure they do not show bad stuff and they are fair with their click conversions. When you choose your banner make sure it has something to do with your site, so you will get the kind of traffic you are looking for. Do not place a banner of pottery when you are selling wedding cakes. Just remember that your banner is placed ทำป้าย  on a free site and you will not always get the kind of traffic you desire.

What are the best traffic exchange sites and how do they operate?

As you surf on high traffic exchange sites you will notice that they have had 75000 views in just a few hours or even each hour. You will see that you will get the best traffic from these sites. People that are on these sites are looking for online business that they can start at a good price. If you are involved in a high cost opportunity, do not participate in the traffic exchange sites, because in most cases you will not get many sells from your efforts. These traffic exchange sites will have you click on a figure or number or something like that when the time limit is up and then you can go to the next site. You gain credits, so your banner or site is placed on a rotating position.

In conclusion traffic exchange sites can get you traffic, but not as many sales that you may want. People are basically doing the same thing you are they just want the free traffic and they are not really looking at the site they are just waiting for the time to run out so they can go to the next site.



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