The Long Road to Becoming a Qualified Engineer

There are many routes to becoming an engineer. Whatever engineering jobs you have your eye on, you need to have the relevant skills and qualifications before you can apply.

The first stage would be to gain good GCSE and A Level qualifications, this puts you in good stead for applying for a degree. Most engineer jobs require this level of qualification. Having GCSE grades in maths and science is usually a bonus, as whatever area of engineering you’re keen in will usually require these skill sets. If you are not overtly interested in maths or science, perhaps you should re-consider your career choice. Most engineers excel in these areas and use these skills everyday in their jobs to help solve problems and create solutions. junkyards near me

You then need to decide on an area of engineering, as engineering is so vast you will probably be overwhelmed with your choices. See what interests you most, is it cars? Is it space craft? Is it medical engineering? The industries of engineering include, electronics, automobile, systems engineering, software engineering, medical science and much more. Research carefully as you will need to understand the industry inside out. This might take years to achieve so start early on.

Also, figuring what area of engineering would most suit you from an early stage will allow you to aim your work experience and qualifications towards this end goal. Go for work experience placements that are unpaid to gain extra knowledge and this will look good on your CV. Prospective companies will take note of your dedication to your industry. The willingness to work unpaid gives the overall impression that if given a full time paid job you would carry an increased sense of motivation.

You should also join a professional engineering union or society. This allows you to be part of a wider network which in turn gains you access to potential job opportunities. Many societies have their own magazines which will be sent to you so you can become up to date on the latest engineering news and progress. Keeping up to date is essential if you intend on progressing your engineering career.

After many years of studying you will not be able to jump into a high paid senior position straight away. It takes time and patience, as you work your way up the ladder. Slowly gaining experience and respect from your piers allows you to develop a fantastically exciting and worthwhile engineering career.



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